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0 - 30 MHz VFO Using an AD9854 Direct Digital Synthesizer


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IQPro Components For Sale

  IQPro Bare Board Set    - $25   SOLD OUT!
  IQPro Board Set with AD9854 mounted    - $65   SOLD OUT!
  2x16 LCD (same part that was previously offered in full kit)    - $7.50
  Programmed PICs (two 16F877A PICs with latest IQPro code)    - $25
  Two FT37-43 Toroids, 26 ga magnet wire (3 colors)   - $2
  Printed Manual    - $7.50

  FULL IQPRO KIT (see below)    - $250.00   SOLD OUT!

    Full Parts List (PDF format)

Bill Kelsey (Kanga US) is still rebuilding his house and business following his flood, he's been helping me come up with a way for builders to build the IQPro again. On my own I simply cannot offer the same kit that we've offered through Kanga in the past. I've worked through the parts list and although many have increased in price, most are still available. I've found acceptable alternatives for the parts are no longer available. Since the market demand is less that when the kit was originally offered, I cannot justify large quantity parts purchases so the price of the full kit would have to be raised significantly.

Rather than simply "retiring" the kit, I've decided to offer the key IQPro parts a la carte. Builders can get the remaining parts from their junk boxes and order the remaining parts from DigiKey (www.digikey.com) and Mouser (www.mouser.com).

The single quantity price of the IQPro parts is now $220. We were able to offer the previous kit for $195 because we ordered the parts in large quantities. However, expected future kit sales numbers simply do not justify large quantity purchases. To make the kit available for builders who really want to build it, this a la carte pricing of key components allows some interesting choices, depending on the amount of work the builder wants to do. This opens up a number of interesting options.

Ordering parts from DigiKey and Mouser is not economically feasible for DX folks, since shipping/duty costs are extremely high. As an option, upon request, I have been providing full IQPro kits to DX customers for $250. I can extend this offer this to anyone. $250 includes all parts, the AD9854 mounted on the board, the good Clarostat encoder, and all other parts on the price list. Shipping time is variable, since I will be putting the kits together upon request.

The most economical way to build a functional IQPro
1) Buy the bare PC board set
2) Get a sample AD9854 from Analog Devices (www.analogdevices.com) and mount it yourself
3) Get the mechanical encoder from DigiKey for $1.52
4) Buy the LCD
4) Buy two PICs from DigiKey, download the code and program them yourself
5) Print your own manual
6) Check your junk boxes for parts and then buy the remaining parts from DigiKey and Mouser.

The complete set of parts that are not in the a la carte list above can be ordered from DigiKey and Mouser for about $110. See Full Parts List (PDF format). Source code and HEX code for programming the PICs is available on my web page. See PIC Source Code (txt format), Interface PIC HEX code and Driver PIC HEX code. The Manual (pdf) is also there so you can download it and print your own copy, again saving a few dollars. This IQPro package will work and the total cost will be LESS than the previous kit price ($195) - assuming that you acquire and mount your own AD9854, even if you need to order all the remaining parts from DigiKey and Mouser. The only difference is the encoder. After you build it and verify that it works, you can upgrade it to the equivalent of the previous IQPro kit by buying an optical encoder from DigiKey or elsewhere. Rather than going with the $53 Clarostat encoder that we used in the previous kit, the builder can buy the newly offered $30 Clarostat part from DigiKey that has identical operational specs but does not have the cable harness. It's very simple to solder on 4 wires and you are all set.

Those builders that don't want to acquire and mounting their own AD9854 can buy the board set with the AD9854 pre-mounted.

Builders outside of the US can order parts from DigiKey and Mouser but the very high shipping/handling charges make ordering these parts unreasonable. These builders can contact me for special arrangements. For US builders, it will be much easier and cheaper to order the parts directly.

For additional IQPro specs and information, please refer to my web page - AA0ZZ web page

Ordering Information

Shipping charges are a flat rate of $5 per order in the United States. For orders outside the US, actual shipping costs will be charged.

You can order the a la carte parts listed above directly from me by Email (aa0zz@cbjohn.com) or by mail.
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