- AA0ZZ / WB9JPS LNA/LPF for IQPro -

Low Noise Amplifiers and Low Pass Filters for the IQPro

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         Add-on LNA Board    (2 additional LNAs)
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         Add-on LPF Board    (2 additional LPFs)
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            LNA/LPF Manual (PDF format)
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      LNA/LPF Components For Sale

  LNA/LPF Base Board with 4 RF switches pre-installed - $32
(Has control section, LNA section for 2 LNAs, Buffer-Amplifier/Pad section, LPF section for 2 LPFs)

  Add-on LNA Section ("stackable" - for 2 LNAs) - $20
(With 4 RF switches pre-installed )

  Add-on LPF Section ("stackable" - for 2 LPFs)    - $8

  Replacement Driver PIC (16F877A) for IQPro    - $8

  Silver Mica Capacitors (500v)    - $2
(Specify - 82p, 130p, 180p, 300p, 360p, 620p, 1300p)

  Toroids    - $.50
(Specify - FT50-43, T50-1, T50-2, T68-6)

  Hittite HMC550 SPST RF switch    - $1.25

  Printed Manual    - $7.50



Use these LNA/LPF boards to add six Low Noise Amplifiers and five Low Pass Filters to your IQPro-based transceiver to cover the entire frequency range of 0 to 30 MHz. Use the chart in the manual to determine the LNA and LPF components to use for the different frequency bands.

The replacement IQPro Driver PIC (v1.10a - standard with latest IQPro shipments) changes your IQPro's operation from the original scheme using latching relays (not fully implemented) to the current scheme using SPST RF switches to engage the proper LNA and non-latching DPDT relays to engage the proper LPF. The IQPro puts signals on header HDR5 to drive the control circuitry of the LNA/LPF board to automatically activate the proper LNA and LPF as you change the IQPro frequency.

You can build the boards for any bands in any order. For example, you might want to start out with a basic board containing the control section, two LNAs for your favorite bands, the buffer-amplifier/pad section, and two LPFs for those favorite bands, Then add the other "stackable" boards, each adding two LNAs and two LPFs, to fill out the set.

These "a la carte" components are the only components in the parts list that are not available from DigiKey.

Oh yes, the RF switches for the LNAs are quite small so they are the most difficult parts to mount. They're 1.5mm x 3mm and have 3 connections on two sides that need soldering to the pads on the board. If you think that's beyond your capabilities you can order the LNA boards with the RF switches pre-mounted.

NOTE: This board may require some component "tweaks" to get the filters aligned to your satisfaction. "Standard value" components were used for the calculations and variations will occur within the tolerance limits. This is not a kit in which you open the box, build it, and you're all done!

Builders outside of the US can order parts from DigiKey and Mouser but the very high shipping/handling charges make ordering these parts unreasonable. These builders can contact me for special arrangements. For US builders, it will be much easier and cheaper to order the parts directly.

For IQPro specs and ordering information, please refer to my web page - AA0ZZ web page

Ordering Information

Shipping charges (Priority Mail) are a flat rate of $5 (USA) or $20 (outside USA) per order.

You can order the a la carte parts listed above directly from me by Email (aa0zz@cbjohn.com) or by mail.
      Craig Johnson,
      4745 Kent Street,
      Shoreview, MN 55126.

You can pay me by PayPal (ID = aa0zz@cbjohn.com), or by check or money order.

If you would like to pay with credit card, you can do it through Bill Kelsey at Kanga. See his web page, www.kangaus.com for contact information.