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PIC Microcontroller Programmer and Development Board

Now with a USB Interface!


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        PIC-EL III Kits and Components

     PIC-EL III - Full Kit    - $65
        (with standard 18-pin socket, CD, printed manual, board, all parts)
     (option) 18-pin ZIF socket    - $8
     (option) 40-pin adapter board/kit with 40-pin ZIF   - $18
        (Used to program 40-pin PICs - requires optional 18-pin ZIF)
     PIC-EL III Bare Board    - $20
     Programmed 16F628A PIC with latest diagnostics   - $7.50
        (This is included in the full kit)
     Programmed 18F2550 PIC for USB Interface   - $15.00
        (This is included in the full kit)
     CD with complete documentation, PIC code, PICKit2 Application   - $9.00

    PIC-EL III Schematic (JPG format)

    PIC-EL III Parts List (PDF format)

    PIC-EL III Assembly / Operation Manual (PDF format)


     PIC Programmer for 18-pin PICs via PC USB Port

     Program these 18-pin PICs: 16F627, 16F627A, 16F628, 16F628A, 16F648A, 16F716, 16F819, 16F84A, 16F88,        18F1220, 18F1230, 18F1320, 18F1330

     Program additional PICs by connecting adapters to the PIC-EL's 18-pin DIP socket or by connecting wires and
        adapters to the CONFIG Header.

     Test your PIC program with these hardware components:
        - 2x16 line LCD (with backlight)
        - Rotary encoder
        - Three general purpose pushbuttons
        - Three LEDs
        - Speaker with driver
        - Stereo jack for CW paddle input
        - Stereo jack with transistor driver to key a transmitter
        - Transistor conditioner for converting low-level signals for PIC input (frequency counter) detection
        - Multi-purpose BNC connector for signal I/O

     2x7 pin header block - allows attachment of a "foreign programmer" or a "foreign project board"

     16F628A PIC - preprogrammed with PIC-EL diagnostics - included

     Designed to be used with PIC programming lessons by WB8RCR (www.amqrp/elmer160/)

     Adapter for programming 40-pin PICs (16F877 / 16F877A) also available


   - Easy to build with 100% through-hole parts!
   - Runs with Microchip's free PICKit2 Application software (supplied with kit)
     (Does NOT run with FPP or WinPIC)
   - PICKit2 Application runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System (Win98SE, Win2000, WinXP, Vista)
   - Other Microchip PICKit2 Application versions for Linux (not tested) and Macintosh (not tested)

   Bill Kelsey (Kanga US) is handling the sales of the PIC-EL kits.
   Email him at N8ET@kangaus.com or see his web page: www.kangaus.com